Self Improvement

Self Improvement

“Self” connects all your self-improvement ideas including tips, lessons, books, classes and seminars. One of the most common mistakes in many make in the beginning of their self-improvement journey is ignoring the simple fact that they must have an idea what “self” is before they try to improve it.

Before you attempt to improve yourself, it makes sense to spend some time examining what your beliefs about self are. I prefer a description of “self” that allows me to improve continuously and expand. I’ll share with you this description later.

A description that limits me now or in the future will be confining. It doesn’t make sense to use a tool that you already know it’s either going to be limiting in now or the future.

There are there are as many definitions of self as there are people. Many social, political and religious organizations defined “self” to promote their interests. If you follow the very definition of what self is, you will be confining yourself within their belief system. If that belief system does not match you, you will begin having additional challenges to improve yourself not for you, but to match what they are expectations of you are.

Before you take the next step, try to answer this question within the best of your ability. Are you trying to improve yourself for your own reasons or are you trying to match an external expectation?

Your answer to this question helps you focus in finding solutions that fit you best.

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